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Fat Transfer in La Jolla, CA

Shumway Cosmetic Surgery, accredited by the Joint Commission and awarded the Gold Seal of Approval which reflects our commitment to excellence and quality patient care, offers fat transfer to local residents requiring cosmetic surgery.

The term kill two birds with one stone is a bit of a dark concept. What kind of monster is going around on a bird homicide spree, trying to take out as many flying friends as quickly as possible? Regardless, a fat transfer procedure is effectively killing two birds with one stone.

Dermal fillers and injectables do a great job of removing fine lines and wrinkles, and can even add fullness to your lips and cheeks. This procedure will leave you looking fresh and youthful. Liposuction eradicates excess fat from trouble areas like the love handles and belly. This procedure will help give you the beach body you are craving. What if there was a procedure that combined dermal fillers and liposuction? May we formally introduce you to the fat transfer procedure.

So What Is Fat Transfer?

Fat transfer is an amazing procedure offered by Shumway Cosmetic Surgery in San Diego. First, we will identify what area of the body to extract the fat from, with plenty of input from you to make sure we are addressing a problem area. The fat can be taken from any location where you have extra fat, such as your abdomen, buttocks and thighs. So if you want to transfer tummy fat, tell butt fat “begone!”, or take out thigh fat, or attack the fat from a different area, just let us know.

The next step is injecting the excess fat into a treatment area. This will be used as a filler to get rid of wrinkles and other signs of age, giving you smooth and youthful skin. Instead of injecting foreign and synthetic materials into your face, you will be using an organic part of your body. This can help you sleep easy knowing there is little to no risk of a poor reaction from your body to the procedure, as the fat used has already been inside of your body all along.

A Fat transfer procedure can be performed alone or in conjunction with another procedure, such as a facelift or breast augmentation.

Why Undergo the Fat Transfer Procedure?

There are a few things to consider when determining if a fat transfer procedure is right for you. Here are a few scenarios in which fat transfer procedure is the best way to get your desired results.

Reduce Wrinkles and Sunken Facial Areas

Wrinkles are a one of the fastest ways to make you feel old, and the fat transfer procedure is a great way to get rid of creases and lines on the face. Also, if you feel you have areas on your face that appear sunken, the fat transfer procedure can plump up your skin for a more youthful look.

A Permanent Solution to Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Dermal fillers and injectables give you a lot of the same benefits as the fat transfer, however fillers and injectables can fade over time. If you are looking for a long term fix for signs of age, the fat transfer is for you.

Fill any unsightly scars or body depressions

A fat transfer and fat grafting procedure doesn’t just fight wrinkles. It can also be used to fill the gaps caused by scars. This can be from acne scarring, scars from trauma and other bodily depressions

Increase in Breast Size with Fat Transfer

The fat transfer procedure can be used in conjunction with a breast augmentation procedure. Instead of using silicon or a different artificial implant, the fat extracted from your body can be used to increase your breast size. The fat can also be used to augment a breast implant to give it a more natural shape, using the fat to fill out any irregularities.  

Get a Curvy and Fuller Buttock

A fat transfer can also be used in conjunction with a Brazilian butt lift to give your buttocks a more curvy and full look. This allows you to avoid an artificial implant for the booty you have always wanted.

Cover Wrinkles, Vessels and Tendons in the Hands  

Fat grafting can also be used on the hands to make you look more youthful and beautiful. Cover unsightly tendons, blood vessels and wrinkles on the hands and improve the quality of your skin.

Am I a Candidate for Fat Transfer?

As previously mentioned, since the fat transfer uses your own fat tissue instead of injecting a foreign object into the body, the procedure is considered quite safe for most patients. However, that does not mean everyone is qualified to undergo a fat grafting procedure.

In order to get a fat transfer procedure and fat grafting in general, you must have areas of your body with excess fat. If you are very thin and do not have an area of your body that we can remove fat for the transfer from, the procedure is not possible. It is also important that your body has healthy circulation and you do not have any issues with blood circulating freely throughout the body. Finally, as with most cosmetic procedures, it is important to be in general good health.

The best way to find out if fat transfer is right for you, is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Shumway.

Why Choose Dr. Shumway?

Shumway Cosmetic Surgery is dedicated to aesthetic enhancement for our patients. We specialize in laser and cosmetic surgical procedures. Our office is conveniently located in sunny Southern California-in the La Jolla area of San Diego.

Dr. Robert A. Shumway, M.D. FACS is an expert in the field of cosmetic surgery. He has studied at the nation’s most prestigious medical centers and has taught at Duke, UCLA and UCSD. As a trustee of the California Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Shumway stresses the importance of close post-operative care, carefully instructing his patients on how to expedite their own healing and recovery.

How is Fat Transfer Performed?

Local anesthesia is used unless the fat transfer is performed at the same time as another procedure that requires general anesthesia.  A special syringe is used to extract the fat, which is then prepared for injection and Dr. Shumway then injects the fat into the treatment area.  The fat transfer procedure may take two to four hours, but again, this time may be extended if you are having another procedure performed.

How Fast Will the Fat Transfer Procedure Heal?

Healing from a fat transfer requires little to no downtime, but your healing period may be extensive if the fat transfer is performed in conjunction with another procedure.  For a fat transfer alone, you are able to return to your normal activities within a few days.

How Will I Look after Fat Transfer?

Patients who have fat transfers without any other procedures may experience mild swelling, bruising and discomfort.  As the swelling subsides, you will begin to see that the treatment area is much fuller, and any lines and wrinkles have simply disappeared! You may have a tiny scar from the liposuction procedure, however since the liposuction entry point is so small and purposely in hidden areas, the scar will be tough to see unless you are specifically looking for it.

How Much Does Fat Transfer Cost in San Diego and La Jolla, CA?

The cost of your fat transfer will depend on the body area that is being treated, as well as the extent of treatment that is needed for your cosmetic goals.  We offer payment plans and work closely with CareCredit™ to help you with the cost of your fat transfer.

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